Discussion Guide

Suggested discussion guide questions for your Book Club

  1. Were you surprised by any of the historical information revealed in And Then Came Peace?
  2. Who do you think the Hasidic boy is, or what does he represent?
  3. Who or what do you think the Eagle represents?
  4. Has this book changed your perception of the conflict in the Middle-East?
  5. Has this book changed your perception of faith and religion?
  6. What impact does the media have on the world?
  7. Examine the symbolism found in the book, i.e., the changing sky, the light, the ground, etc.?
  8. Do some of the characters remind you of real people?
  9. What is the significance of the names chosen for the characters?
  10. Did you expect that some of the main characters would die?
  11. What is the reason Tariq Nur al Din is such a tall man? How does this impact his last scene in the book?
  12. Did you research any of the information you read in the book to validate it? What did you find?
  13. How would you like our leaders to represent us?
  14. Does this book make you want to visit any historical sites? Where?
  15. Who do you think should read this book?
  16. Have you read books similar to And Then Came Peace? How do they compare?