Praise for
And Then Came Peace

‘When peace comes to Jerusalem’ is an old saying. This novel makes clear just how difficult this peace is in the face of terrorism & repression, but it also offers a message of hope. If only we could draw upon the spiritual resources which the great religions share then ‘peace is possible.’ I pray that this work of fiction prophesies our future reality.
—Rev. Dr. Marcus Braybrooke, President, World Congress of Faiths
My hope is that everyone read this and then recommend it to others, and so on. Collectively spreading Greg Masse’s message for achieving a better place in which we all can live.
—Pat Frank, Past Florida State Senator
This is more than a novel, it is a call to action. A call for individuals with unique expressions, backgrounds, and beliefs to stand together in the place of acceptance… And Then Came Peace.
—Jamie Dawn, Host of It’s A New Dawn, National Radio 12
And Then Came Peace by Greg Masse is a gripping story of how a man is caught up in seemingly irresolvable violence and conflict, and then discovers in a series of strange encounters both his own peace and a message of peace for the world.
—Dr. Robert Hunt, Director of Global Theological Education, Southern Methodist University
Remarkable! The first 100 pages are so riveting, the second, so revealing, the third…
I couldn’t stop crying.
—Kelly Jordan
I absolutely loved And Then Came Peace and didn’t want it to end. What an amazing plot, the details of the characters and the facts. I learned so much. The idea of the possibility of a future with world peace is both exciting and intriguing. I hope one day in the near future the three big religions could find a way to pull together and realize that we are all from the same roots and believe in the same one God and make peace a reality.
—Heather Bibas
Genius! A message for our time.
—Karen Cheney
I can only repeat that this book captured my heart and head at the highest level. The author’s ability to weave a very personal story with the history of religion was remarkable. Provocative, hopeful and thoroughly enjoyable. As a lover of historical fiction, I think this measures up to the highest standard.
—Luke Sklar
Greg Masse’s And Then Came Peace is a riveting love story full of rich historical descriptions with a timely and unique Middle East solution…. The reader will be entertained, educated and informed on how the epicenter of three religions evolved and, most importantly, how the longtime conflict can be creatively solved. A guaranteed NYT bestseller and Oscar contender.
—Robert P. Miles
For me, it was a story I could not put down. I believe I read the book in three days. And Then Came Peace has an exciting story line mixed with spiritualism and some of the real dangers that currently exist in modern-day Jerusalem. Obviously, Mikha’il is the messenger, but what kind? Is he a prophet, a charlatan, another madman mixing spirituality with politics? Or is he one of the special human beings God graces humanity with from time to time? Read it and make up your own mind.
—John Arasa
Timely written with all the strife going on in the world. A very wonderful heart-rendering ending. Accolades to this writer.
—Irene Armstrong
And Then Came Peace is an incredibly moving read. No other book or generational myth has been able to retrace the steps of the three most influential religions — Judaism, Christianity and Islam — to a single starting point with such emotional impact. We are forever digging in our heels and saying why we can’t change, yet there is a way to embrace our differences as we look to peace for all humanity. And Then Came Peace brings the facts to life in a truly riveting story that has you rooting for the heroes.
—Jeff Haltrecht
This book encompasses it ALL…. I learned more about world religion from this book than all the university religion courses I ever took! With the state of the world, this book could not be more timely or needed!
—David Piper
I read this book as soon as I could get my hands on it! (I even got a few extras to give as gifts.) After I read it, I got copies for all of our book club, and we all LOVED it. I think this is an important book. The story was amazing, and as we read, we could feel the research and the love that went into it. I think the public is missing out if they don’t read it. (It would make a great film!)
—Linda Francis
I think everyone should read this book. I don’t have a lot of time, with five kids, to enjoy a lot of reading. I have started many books but haven’t finished. However, I could not put this book down. It should be at the top of everyone’s must-read list.
—Michael Becket
I loved And Then Came Peace. I enjoyed how you grabbed my attention in the beginning in a David Baldacci way, setting a crime scene and all the excitement that conveys. I also thought it was very clever how you linked so many religions by taking the reader to another level of consciousness through interviews with several familiar Biblical figures. The book corrected some misconceptions I had held and clarified through your research some mistaken beliefs that many people still espouse. I have recommended, loaned and given your book as a gift to family and friends and feel it deserves a wider audience. It is a very appealing, timely and readable story.
—Linda Lloyd
Although it has been over a year since our book club read and discussed this book, I have frequently thought about the contents and story line. I feel that when I do think back and reflect on a book, it is a sign that it has affected me more deeply than some others.
—John & Betty Morris
When I read And Then Came Peace, I found that I couldn’t put it down. The story was so compelling to me and really spoke to me about the times we live in. It was a great mixture of history, religion, geography, murder mystery and a love story. The deeper I got into the story, the more I learned about the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians, which really helped me have a better understanding of why there has been a struggle over land for so many years. I have shared this book with several friends, and they all enjoyed it as well. I would highly recommend the book to anyone.
—Ello Tucker
What better time to read a book like this, in a time of Christian and Islamic extremism, with such events as 9/11 and the recent events in Norway to name but two. And Then Came Peace reinforces the message to us that world religions are far more similar than different. Thank you for writing such a great message for us to ponder.
—Theresa Moloney
And Then Came Peace is a great read, one that will rattle around in your head long after you have read it. As a bonus, it will help you gain a better understanding of the religious and political turmoil in the Middle East.
—Roy Wood
Congratulations on And Then Came Peace. I enjoyed it — very much! It was very clever how you brought in all the different religions but stressed their similarities. Once I began, I was hooked. A good book does two things: engages the reader and makes the reader think about the world around him/her. Yours did both. However, it did reveal how woefully ignorant I am of other religions. I will follow up with some more reading to fill in the gaps in my knowledge. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.
—Frank Spencley
As I read the book I was not only captivated by the characters but by the structure of the book. My attention and interest were constantly engaged, and all I could think of as I read was how it unfolded in my mind’s eye as a movie — I could “see” the characters and the action. The premise is not only intriguing and fresh but timely in terms of the current state of world affairs. Absolutely a great read!
—Vera Spange
Loved it. We lost sleep over it and could not put it down. It was historical, intriguing, suspenseful, romantic and extremely well written. An astounding journey that is both thought-provoking and adventurous. It presents us with an invitation to rethink who and what we are.
—Sharon & Laurel Bere
When I first received this book, I was not sure it would interest me. How wrong I was! I have never been a student of religion and felt that was to be the main subject matter. After reading (and partially rereading) your book, I realize just how current your story is and how much we would all benefit to understand and embrace another belief other than our own. Your protagonist, Mikha’il, is a compelling force in a nonconfrontational manner who is able to see beyond the now and express what we all fervently hope for, everlasting peace. In the world of today, such a hope seems unattainable with holy wars, uprisings and national terrorism widely based on religious fervor. Your amazingly extensive research and personal experiences are broadly translated to understandable theories and revelations. Thank you for sharing. AND ON EARTH GOODWILL AND PEACE TO ALL MEN.
—Mary McGee
I am in a book club, and we were so delighted to have read your book! I have to say that I have never read anything like it. I found myself recounting the details of the opening sections to my husband…. The sense of suspense and adventure was like a spy novel as it got rolling! I loved the depth of the characters created as the book unfolded and have to say that I learned a great deal about history, religion and geography throughout…. Overall, it was a fantastic book, and if I had not told the story to my husband already…and spoiled the plot, he would have read it himself!
—Cindy Gervais
I was handed this book by a friend, but because of schedule and sloth, it sat on my desk at home for several months. When I finally started to read it, I honestly couldn’t put it down…. The world is completely connected to the ongoing challenges of the Middle East, and I found the historical and religious references fascinating.
—David Cork
Being a “cradle Catholic “and being brought up in a modern-day Christian home, I found it very enlightening to read And Then Came Peace. To come to know some of the similarities surrounding the Christian, Jewish and Muslim faiths while being enthralled by the adventure and excitement with every turn and twist of Mikha’il’s journey was very worthwhile. I would certainly recommend this book to my friends and family and all those who are interested in growing in their knowledge of the three religions while enjoying a very meaningful story.
—Mike Whelan
I don’t read books about religion and politics but this book grabbed me from the second chapter — it really should be turned into a movie as it reads with such excitement combined with an educational twist. I really feel that I learned something along the way but also was able to enjoy a magical and mysterious read…. Maybe the world leaders around the world should read it so they could allow us to live the story in real life and live in peace. What can I say…amazing, intelligent, educational, thought-provoking.
—Cynthia Goodchild
And Then Came Peace provides the message that we need to hear and to apply to achieve peace. Greg Masse vividly depicts a path for people to unite based on similarities rather than divide due to differences. His unique style takes fiction to the next level. I couldn’t put this moving book down.
—Toni Thompson
It was very difficult to put down. I found myself drawn into the characters and the story from the very first chapter. The fact that the book and story are so unusual made it all the more interesting. It is not your run-of-the-mill novel. I think it has the potential to be a bestseller. I am recommending it to friends!
—Beth Colle
This book was one of the best I’ve ever read. Not sure how you came up with this concept, but I find myself telling people that it’s a must-read. Your book taught me about other religions (I now realize that 99.9% of the Muslim community want many of the same things I want and are not a threat). I expect (and hope) that this will become a movie someday. It seems that you can’t pick up a newspaper (or turn on a TV) without hearing about the hatred around the world (much of it related to religion). I don’t expect your work to put an end to all of the strife, but it certainly can’t hurt.
—Joe Coolahan
I loved its characters, its riveting plot and its insightful view of the various religions of our world, and how they ultimately share one common denominator! It brings hope at a time when hope is intensely needed. But the four best points of this book were how impossible it was to put down, how the main character evolved through the book, the shockingly profound speeches he makes and how much I learned from the wealth of knowledge provided in a very easy-to-understand writing style. It has changed my outlook by providing me some much-needed clarity in this very complicated world with headlines that continually mirror the content of this almost prophetic literature.
—Phillip Chmielinski
I have given 20 books to friends of various religions. The plot, theme and moral of the book I loved and believe wholeheartedly. And Then Came Peace is well written and researched. The timely theme applies every day when I read news from the Middle East. Thanks for sharing your inspired, visionary novel!
—Mike Evans
I was born and raised an Italian Catholic. In my youth, being Catholic meant you helped out at the church bingo night or spaghetti dinner. If you showed up to mass once a month or even a few times a year for the major holidays, you were still part of the group. We did not do Bible study classes or Sunday school, nor were we encouraged to delve into the Bible too deeply. As such, I did not learn too much about religion past the belief that Christ was our savior and had died for our sins, be a good person and believe in God and he will believe in you and take care of the big stuff for you. That all worked for me most of my life and still does. When my friend read your book, she suggested that I do as it seemed to her that I might enjoy it. She was more than correct. I could not put the book down. Your book taught me more about the major religions of the world than any other reading I had done to date. It shone a clear light on a very important idea that I had never been made to consider. So many wars have started over religious differences, so many lives lost. Your book made clear to me that all of these religions are based on the same ideas, the same principles, and often we are fighting over minutiae not more important than whether I like my steak rare and you like yours well-done…. I have told many, many people about your book…. I have great hope that this book will get it out to the masses to read. I think it will cause a lot of stir, and stir is very, very good. People need to talk to one another, look at their commonalities more than their differences and stop fighting over minor discrepancies. I don’t know that we can end the struggles, war and religious zealot terrorism, but books like this might help young people to look at their friends and neighbors who do not share their belief system and see them a little differently.
—Lil Barcaski