Why this Book?

Do you think our world is doomed to endure discord, confrontation, bloodshed and war resulting from the incessant clash of ideologies and cultures? If you do, the evidence to support your conclusion is ample. Day after day, unrelenting media reports of bombings, assassinations, border skirmishes, abductions, or the threat of war remind us that religious beliefs have divided people for thousands of years. Brother is pitted against brother, village against village, and nation against nation as our religions seem to provide holy validation for judgment, oppression and terror.

Is there hope? Even as we embrace our chosen religions, is it conceivable we could ever come to realize there exists a faith that unites us all as one?

If this is possible, from where will this great enlightenment come, and what will be its divine source? Who will reveal this new knowledge? Knowledge that will not only bring together all humankind in peace and goodwill, but will also teach us that indeed, since the Creator sighed and humanity drew its first breath, we have always been one?

And Then Came Peace, the meticulously researched, dramatic and memorable novel by Greg Masse, explores these questions. This book is unlike anything you’ve ever read–at once exciting, troubling, revealing and provocative. A story that will forever alter your perspective on the world around you.

Knowledge feeds freedom and starves tyranny.